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Improved my mindset

Having just completed the Magical Vision course with Jackie Lee I would highly recommend it to anyone considering joining it.

I received so much help , information and guidance from Jackie, I feel it has improved my mindset and thoroughly enjoyed the start of my journey creating my vision book.


Loved doing this course

I have loved doing this course with Jackie Lee.  Her enthusiasm is inspiring and her knowledge is never ending.  She never kept anything back from us and gave examples of what she, herself had manifested over the years.  Amazing!!!  I felt throughout that she really wanted us all to manifest what we wanted in our lives too.  She advised us in areas we needed more support.  She gave us affirmations.  She shared her pictures and affirmations.

I thought I knew a lot about manifesting, but  after doing this course, I now know I didn’t know as much as I thought I did!

The course is a whole month and Jackie spoke LIVE every day about the different areas to have in our magical vision books.

What to put in there, affirmations.  She often told us true stories about herself or other people.

We didn’t have to watch her LIVE, if we couldn’t make that time, we could catch up whenever.   Jackie also used her empowerment cards and I did something else, I’d never done before – journaled on the words that came out.  I didn’t think I’d be able to write much, but I soon got the hang if it.

I really did not want the course to end.

But fortunately we have another month, to go over each video, to make sure we haven’t missed anything out.

I’ve also made a new friend, Alyson and I know that I’ll soon have stories to tell of what I’ve manifested.

Thank you Jackie.  Xx


A true Fairy Godmother

Jackie has been my mentor and friend for almost 8 years, she always finds time for a catch up. Jackie is generous, warm and kind, a true “Fairy Godmother”.


…enabled me to believe in myself that little bit more…

Jackie is a very approachable lady who teaches from experience which makes her very relatable and you feel comfortable in her presence. The course has enabled me to believe in myself that little bit more and I’ve been able to put the work to good use in my personal life and my business too. Thank you for a wonderful course.

Kimberley Leanne


You’re an amazing lady so inspirational. Love all your great advice. You’re like my very own guru

Nina Joyce

Inspiring woman

You’re the most beautiful and inspiring woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.. x

Caterina Pellegrino

Always there for us

It’s the friendship….you are always there for us no matter what….your a lovely lady
And the ladies have all the same values ….we have a connection
Thank you Jackie X X X
Jill Newberry

Lovely person

You are such a lovely person. You made it so easy for my husband to understand your speech at the beach. Thank you so much for your friendship xx

Sigrid Becker


Aw Jackie, your calming nature and desire to help wherever you can . Your strength and determination. I’ve watched you push yourself to achieve the maximum and Everytime to offer the same opportunities to your friends. I can say so much more my love. I truly value friendship and genuine people xxx

Sandy Bart

Caring soul

Your a beautiful happy caring soul, can’t be around you and not smile

Lauren Vincent


You’re my inspiration

Maxine Kemble

Beautiful person

You’re simply one of the most beautiful people I have ever met

Robert Bancroft

Always there

Always there to lend a helping hand, shared values and laughter

Jackie Bligh

A beautiful person

You are honest, caring and a beautiful person. Xx

Gillian Bamberger

Nothing is ever too much trouble

You were one of our first clients when we moved to Lanzarote all those many many years ago.
Within a few short minutes of meeting you (and the lovely Lisa), it was very apparent that we were to be friends for life!
You are one of the kindest, sweetest, most supportive ladies I know. Nothing is ever too much trouble for you – and what makes you happiest is helping others to achieve their dreams.
I adore you Jackie – and always will!
E xxxx
Elle Draper

Positive energy

Friends are the family that you choose for yourself. Love this sentiment and your positive energy Jackie Lee xxx

Kim Benson

Sense of belonging

The Fairy Godmother is an absolute revelation and I’m so privileged to know Jackie.
She is an inspiration and a real guiding light.
The sense of belonging that Jackie has created with her advice, tips and knowledge has lit up the members lives and given them something to look forward to every day.
Thank you Jackie for developing The Fairy Godmother program which is growing stronger by the day.
I’m happy to be part of this wonderful group of lovely ladies, Anne-Marie Brindley

Anne-Marie Brindley

a great idea!

Jackie lee just wanted to say your Fairy Godmother program is a great idea. The group has only been going a very short amount of time but I have gained so much in this time from health, food and exercise tips etc also learning things about myself.
This is all in a positive way from Jackie and members of the group.
I am very happy to be a part of this group and enjoying all aspects of the group including the guest speakers Jackie invites to talk to the group.
I am 100% happy with the group and Jackie is a true fairy godmother.
I am very grateful to have found this group, thanks so much Karen Cook

Karen Cook

This group oozes positivity

The Fairy Godmother programme has been for me, something to focus on each day away from the day to day chores.
Each day I am given tools to make myself happier. Life hacks, great recipes and a sense of empowerment after each session.
This group oozes positivity and with Jackie’s whole personality, it really does seem like you have your very own Fairy Godmother. 💕Toyah Horsford

Toyah Horsford

shining light

I am so happy to have been involved with the group and Jackie Lee as our Fairy Godmother from day 1.
The group is growing and evolving day by day.
There are so many helpful tips and informative ‘lives’ including the guest speakers. There is a real sense of belonging in the group.
We are all different ages from different backgrounds and all have stories to tell, but that doesn’t matter as we have a solidarity in the group and it is helping with mindset, anxiety, being positive and being thankful and counting our blessings.
At a time when the world is at odds this group is a shining light at the end of the tunnel giving us all something to look forward to.
Well done Jackie you are certainly helping people, Kim Benson xx

Kim Benson

A real inspiration

Jackie and I have known each other for many years and first met through our respective businesses in Lanzarote. She is one of the most professional, reliable and forward thinking women I know. She is always positive, always helpful and always full of great ideas. Along with being a great mentor for a number of people, she is also a real inspiration.

I am proud to consider her a friend and know she has helped so many people fulfil their hopes and dreams. Her new and exciting business will be a true testament to her ability of getting the best out of people and for helping them to get the best out of themselves. She deserves every success.

Kim Benson: Restaurant Casa Cabaña

A special lady of the highest order!

I’ve known and worked with Jackie since 2006, and few people are as positive and helpful as she is. She has a knack for knowing exactly what can help and enrich a person’s life – and delivers it in a kind, positive and supportive way.

She genuinely cares about others – their success and happiness brings her joy… and drives her to help more and more people.

A special lady of the highest order!

Elle Draper


I have known Jackie personally for over 13 years, not only as a friend but I’ve had the pleasure of working with her on various projects.

Jackie’s positivity and can do attitude makes her a real need to know person, if she can’t do it or find it she will know or find someone who can!

I love Jackie’s posts and lives they really cheer my day up and I like to see where she has been and what she is doing and also what she’s got Paul doing now!

Her tips and ideas always inspire me to try something new!

I wish Jackie every success in her new business which I know will be amazing, I can’t wait!

Lisa Carlin

Inspires me

I find Jackie to be helpful, motivational and uplifting.
A little helping of Jackie every day nourishes and inspires me

Julie Bunker