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Terms & Conditions

1: Definitions

1.1: I/Me – this means Jackie Lee

1.2: You/Your/Yours – this means you, the person signing up for the monthly subscription

1.3: We/Our/Ours/Us – this is the relationship between “Me” and “You”

1.4: Subscription – this is the monthly service as described here:
Monthly: Fairy Godmother Subscription 
Weekly: Life Planning and Accountability Course

1.5: Services – these are additional support services I provide at a premium level. These will be confirmed to you in writing when applicable, and may be bespoke.

2. Communications

2.1: “Communications” are formed by any correspondence and communications between You and Me. These may include, but are not limited to, emails, private messaging via any electronic means, and physical documentation by non-electronic means

3: Contract

3.1: This forms the basis of any paid (or agreed unpaid) Services that you require from Me on a monthly basis, or agreed timescale.

3.2: This is the coverage of the subscription as detailed in 1.4

3.3: This is the coverage of the additional services as described in 1.5

4: Terms

By signing up for a Subscription, you are engaging me on the following terms

4.1: Subscription is provided solely on a weekly or monthly paid basis and is paid in advance. Should you decide not to renew at any point, your subscription will expire at the end of the relevant period when you last paid. 

4.4: Payment of said Subscription is not a guarantee of provision. Should I refuse your application, or cease your subscription, your latest payment will be returned to you in full – minus any processing fees by Third Parties (such as your/my card issuer). This will be confirmed to you in writing and is carried out entirely at my discretion.

4.4.1: Should technical limitations remove your capabilities of accessing any of my services, I will first work with you to resolve this. However, if this is not possible to resolve, your contract may end and your latest payment will be returned to you in full – minus any processing fees by Third Parties (such as your/my card issuer). This will be confirmed to you in writing and is carried out entirely at my discretion.

4.5: The terms become binding once your payment is submitted

4.6: The subscription terms are valid throughout your payment period

5. Digital information and Access

5.1; Access to the private Facebook Group (where applicable) will be provided once you sign up and I have accepted your subscription request.

5.2: You accept any and all risk to your personal equipment and/or personal information being used by Third Parties as part of the Subscription. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

5.3: You may not share nor distribute any of the information offered during your Subscription period without my explicit permission. Sharing of such information denotes a breach of these terms, and you access may be revoked immediately, with no refund made.

5.4: You may not solicit, advertise, or otherwise promote your services in any way through the Subscription channels without my explicit permission in writing.  This is valid during your subscription, and for 12 months afterwards

6. Changes

6.1 – I may change these Terms and Conditions at any time due to changes in relevant laws, or due to my own discretion. It is your responsibility to check them frequently. Should the changes need clarification, please contact me via email immediately. Failure to do so will denote your acceptance of said changes. Any changes will be advised to you in writing at the time of change

​7. Sessions

7.1 – Facebook Lives and any other sessions will take place at previously agreed days/times. These will be announced in advance.

7.2: I will endeavour to stick to these days/times as far as possible – but sometimes events out of My control may make this impossible- such as internet / power outages, or ill health. In these situations, I will endeavour to keep You informed as far as possible, and rescheduling will occur wherever it is possible 

7.3 – If the Facebook Lives or other events coincide with public holidays, I reserve the right to reschedule. In these situations, I will endeavour to keep You informed as far as possible… and rescheduling will occur wherever it is possible 

7.4 – It is your responsibility to attend at the agreed days/times. However, if this is not possible – and if it is within My capabilities, then you will be able to view the event at a later day/time as a gesture of goodwill. 

8. Payment and Personal Information

8.1: Your payment details and applicable personal information will be stored on our Stripe Dashboard and/or the back end of our website – and attached to your account. Personal information may also by held by Third Parties when vital to the provision of services /such as Facebook and Stripe). We and Third Parties have protocols in place for your security and these are regularly revisited and updated as necessary by Me, Third Parties, my website support (Gandy Draper), and additional team members (named in the private Facebook Group when active) and Stripe.

9. My Liability

9.1 – No guarantee of results are given. However, I am confident that You will benefit and see improvements in Your life if You dedicate Your time and efforts to following the information and advice given

9.2 – If my obligations to you are delayed or cancelled by your activity, avoidance of activity, or by any circumstances outside of My control, I shall not be in breach of the Contract or liable to you for any costs, charges or losses sustained or incurred by you that arise directly or indirectly from such events.

10. Cancellation of Services / Subscriptions

10.1 – You or I may cancel your subscription at any time. You may do this in writing to me (with 14 days notice as a minimum), or by cancelling your card subscription. All previous payments are non-refundable.  

10.2 – If the cancellation is by me, it will be confirmed in writing. This comes without any liability or obligation by me to refund any monies paid. This cancellation may be for a variety of reasons – this will be explained to you at the point of cancellation. 

11. Confidential Information

9.1  Your personal information, and/or payment information will not be disclosed to any Third parties except those that are vital to the provision of Services, or those required by law.

12. Contacting Jackie Lee

12.1 – You may contact me at any time on

12.2 – You may contact me during Spain working hours by telephone on 0034 676 509 443