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The Jackie Lee Confidence Course

Sign up today to enjoy increased confidence.

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30 Days to a More Confident You!

Hi and welcome to the sign up page for my 30 day course ’30 Days to a More Confident you!’.

You are here because you want to grow and go on a journey to being more confident, grow your self-esteem and live your dream life.

Click on the button (relevant for your chosen currency) on this page to sign up for the course and make your payment. Once payment is received, I will send you a link to join the private Facebook group

Just a reminder, here’s the details of the programme, the cost and what it covers:

You will become a member of a private, non-judgemental Facebook group and become part of a like-minded community.

The course covers all the elements to grow your confidence, build your self-esteem and to learn how to believe in yourself and your abilities. Confidence is not just about believing in yourself personally but it impacts on both your personal and business life too.

You will get 30 days support from me, your empowerment coach, through the Facebook group. And the programme will feature:

  • Feature 1: Exercises to transform you to feel and look better and improve all aspects of your life.
  • Feature 2: Ideas to build a great mindset and think positively
  • Feature 3: Learn to believe in yourself and love yourself.
  • Feature 4: Map your progress through journaling to see how far you have come
  • Feature 5: Changing your mindset to become positive, motivated and accountable

The course runs 4 times a year and runs for 30 days (Monday to Friday) which will cover a 6 week period, through membership of a private Facebook group.

The cost? This a one-off cost of €40€ /£35/$45USD

I can’t wait to start helping you and the other members of the programme, see you in the group!

Jackie x

If you believe in yourself anything is possible – Miley Cyrus

Next course starts February 2023

How to sign up:

  • Click the relevant “Sign up now” button for your chosen currency below
  • Follow the steps and fill out the fields to pay with your debit/credit card
  • Once payment is done, I will contact you to begin your course

Remember – you can also join the Fairy Godmother Membership program. Click HERE for more information. 

A true Fairy Godmother

Jackie has been my mentor and friend for almost 8 years, she always finds time for a catch up. Jackie is generous, warm and kind, a true “Fairy Godmother”.


…enabled me to believe in myself that little bit more…

Jackie is a very approachable lady who teaches from experience which makes her very relatable and you feel comfortable in her presence. The course has enabled me to believe in myself that little bit more and I’ve been able to put the work to good use in my personal life and my business too. Thank you for a wonderful course.

Kimberley Leanne