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Vision Book

Would you like to tap into the magic and create the life of your dreams?

When we create a magical vision book we are allowing ourselves to focus on the opportunities we would like to encounter and the life we wish to live.

What exactly is a magical vision book?

It is a collection of images, words, affirmations and powerful words representing your dreams, desires and wishes in your life.

The purpose of a vision book is to raise your vibration and draw your attention to what you desire and to tell the universe in your own way, what you want.

My one month magical vision book course runs four times a year and takes one month to complete, all the teachings take part in a closed Facebook group, where you will watch a series of simple to follow live videos and daily challenges, don’t worry if you can’t make them live, they are available to watch again on replay, you can totally go at your own pace.

Here are some examples of things you will be learning to put into your vision book, of course, everyone’s will be different but here are a few topics we will be focusing on.

Love & Relationships
Things to do together, how you want to feel, make new friends.

Home & Family
Plan more of what you want for your home, your family and focus on adventures you want to do together.

Health, Wellness & Self-Care
Feel stronger, fitter, look better.
Feel more confident and take more care of yourself.

Dream Job & Career Goals
Looking at skills you want to learn or improve.

Personal Finances
Plan and take control of your finances.

Personal Growth
Discover and learn more about yourself and become a better version of yourself.

Travel Goals
Your travel pages are really exciting, planning all those trips and experiences you want to have.

The group will remain active for one month after the program finishes,so you can still return to watch or read any content, after that it will be archived.

Remember you are the creator of your life, you control your thoughts and your thoughts become things, and every thought has an emotion, so having a book of all your thoughts, dreams, goals and affirmations you say every day, makes complete sense.

It will all be in one place and you can visualise it every day, this will help reinforce your positivity and motivation, so each step you take, becomes a step nearer to your ultimate goals and dreams.

If you would like to join the next group course please click the relevant link on this page to join now.

The next course starts – 
January 9th 2023

How to join:

  • Click the relevant “Sign up now” button for your chosen currency below
  • Follow the steps and fill out the fields to pay with your debit/credit card
  • Once payment is done, I will contact you to begin your course

Due to popularity, these places are going fast and only a limited number are still available. 

Remember – you can also join the Fairy Godmother Membership program. Click HERE for more information. 

Improved my mindset

Having just completed the Magical Vision course with Jackie Lee I would highly recommend it to anyone considering joining it.

I received so much help , information and guidance from Jackie, I feel it has improved my mindset and thoroughly enjoyed the start of my journey creating my vision book.


Loved doing this course

I have loved doing this course with Jackie Lee.  Her enthusiasm is inspiring and her knowledge is never ending.  She never kept anything back from us and gave examples of what she, herself had manifested over the years.  Amazing!!!  I felt throughout that she really wanted us all to manifest what we wanted in our lives too.  She advised us in areas we needed more support.  She gave us affirmations.  She shared her pictures and affirmations.

I thought I knew a lot about manifesting, but  after doing this course, I now know I didn’t know as much as I thought I did!

The course is a whole month and Jackie spoke LIVE every day about the different areas to have in our magical vision books.

What to put in there, affirmations.  She often told us true stories about herself or other people.

We didn’t have to watch her LIVE, if we couldn’t make that time, we could catch up whenever.   Jackie also used her empowerment cards and I did something else, I’d never done before – journaled on the words that came out.  I didn’t think I’d be able to write much, but I soon got the hang if it.

I really did not want the course to end.

But fortunately we have another month, to go over each video, to make sure we haven’t missed anything out.

I’ve also made a new friend, Alyson and I know that I’ll soon have stories to tell of what I’ve manifested.

Thank you Jackie.  Xx