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About Jackie Lee

I live in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, with my husband Paul. We live in our beautiful home near the sea. We love making new friends and with the internet this is now possible all around the world.

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We have three wonderful grown up children, two sons and a daughter. We also now have six fantastic grandchildren. We love to spend time with all of them, both here in Lanzarote when they come over on holiday and in the UK where they all live.

My background has always been in Sales, I left school at 16 and worked my way up from tea girl to become a director of that Company eventually , the experience I gained through the different positions I qualified for, was a perfect training for me to then set up my own businesses, which at the time were three Italian shoe shops.

I developed these and they were extremely successful but my rents on the three units I had, tripled over the years and they became not viable, so I sold the leases.

In 1992 I moved into Direct selling and worked with a wonderful Canadian Company and quickly achieved great success, winning holidays abroad, and building a hugely successful team.

And so
                 the adventure begins…

In 2004 Paul and I decided to move to Lanzarote and build our dream home.

I became a Wedding Celebrant in 2008 and just loved it, as making friends and helping people has always been a top priority to me. I believe everything happens for a reason and always be grateful for what you have in life.

Then as I got older, I realised how many ladies out there in the world were looking to improve their lives, learning about mindset, self-care, confidence, motivation and inspiration… and I just knew how I could help them and so The Fairy Godmother business was born.

With the internet now it’s so easy to stay in touch with anyone, wherever they live and I knew through this powerful element I could create a group of friends that I could help on this new adventure of their life.

I wanted to create a group of ladies who learn to redefine their life and put a plan into force everyday to give their life new meaning. I wanted them to experience , a healthier lifestyle, create new hobbies or follow up on old ones and other past times they enjoy.

Maybe to do some gentle exercises to help the body and give themselves some self care. To create a safe space where they can make their time unique to them.


People are living longer and this second half of their life should be fun, and make them feel fulfilled, confident and excited everyday to get up and enjoy every moment

Are you ready to begin a new chapter in your life?